Weddings at Dover Baptist







Dover Baptist Church's facilities are a lovely, intimate setting for a wedding.  Our sanctuary is beautifully decorated and our Heritage Hall fellowship facility is second-to-none, with a large, open space for the reception and a fully-equipped commercial kitchen.

Dover Baptist Church is deeply interested in assisting you in planning for a Christian marriage and a Christian home and encourages all couples to be married in the church.  A marriage in church is a worship experience and therefore all preparations should be made with this in mind.  There are many details to be taken care of in planning for even the smallest wedding; therefore, these Regulations have been prepared to assist the Bride and Groom in planning for their marriage ceremony.  Our Pastor has responsibility to present you with these Regulations on your first contact with our Church in order that you may be aware of what is required by our Church.  Please read them carefully and complete the attached questionnaire (Attachment B), returning it as soon as possible along with any applicable fee(s) to attention of our Treasurer who will provide our Church Coordinator with a copy of your application.  Copies of these Regulations shall be available in our Church Office.

GENERAL: Weddings and receptions will not be scheduled after 7 o'clock p.m.  on Saturday night nor before 2 o'clock p.m.  on Sunday unless by special approval of our Pastor.  This allows ample time for clean-up and restoral of furniture in preparation for Sunday morning services.  Likewise, weddings will not be scheduled on holiday week­ends nor during the month of December, due to the many church activities during this season, unless by special approval of our Pastor.  These Regulations apply to all Church facilities.

RESERVATIONS FOR USE OF FACILITIES: All requests for scheduling a wedding (including rehearsal, reception, etc.) must be made through our Pastor at least one month prior to the wedding date, unless our Pastor agrees to a lesser time interval.  Your reservation(s) will not be considered final until the questionnaire is completed and returned with any appropriate fee(s) to our treasurer.  (To receive a copy of the questionnaire, contact the church’s secretary at (804) 784-5681 or via email at

CLERGY: It is church policy that our Pastor will perform all wedding ceremonies in our church, unless, in conference with our Pastor, other arrangements are desired and the guest Minister is approved by our Pastor.  An appointment with the Pastor should be made as soon as possible to discuss plans, the ceremony and other matters pertaining to the event.  The Pastor will require at least one pre-marital counseling session.

MUSIC:  Our church Music Director/Organist, in cooperation with our Music Committee, is charged with responsibility for the musical instruments belonging to our church (organ and pianos).  It is usual policy that our Music Director/Organist will play for all weddings if scheduling is not a problem.  If you plan to use an Organist/Pianist other than our Music Director/Organist, this musician must be made known to, and is subject to approval of our Music Director/Organist.  If you plan to use our Organist, you should contact them as soon as possible to reserve date and discuss musical selections.  Music should be in keeping with the sacred character of the wedding ceremony.


  1. Our sanctuary (including balcony) will seat approximately 150-160 guests comfortably.  If your guest list exceeds this number, your guests will be crowded.  Our sanctuary contains a 7-stop Casavant (1975) pipe organ and a baby grand piano, either of which may be used for your ceremony.
  2. Only dripless candles may be used and protective material (i.e., plastic sheet or runner) must be placed under all candlesticks, candelabras, and floral arrangements.  Purchase of candles is responsibility of wedding party.

C.  Nothing is to be fastened (nailed, tacked, screwed or taped) to walls, woodwork, floor or furnishings in any building.

  1. A Church Coordinator will be available to help your wedding party with any problems/questions encountered during rehearsal and wedding day preparations.  Our Pastor will provide you the name and telephone number of our Coordinator.  If you need a tour of facilities, our Coordinator will meet with you to provide this information.  An exception to the requirement for our Coordinator to be present is if the wedding ceremony is performed in the sanctuary andonly the Pastor, Bride, Groom and less than ten guests are present and use of facilities for reception are not required.  Our Coordinator, when required to be present, will be responsible for the opening and locking of church facilities for all activities as well as turning on/off of heat or air-conditioning and lights.
  2. All decorations must be removed PROMPTLY after the ceremony and reception.  If there are no conflicting activities, the sanctuary and reception hail may be decorated on the day before the ceremony.  If you wish to leave floral arrangements for use in later church services, please inform our Coordinator.
  3. SMOKING in any building or blocking of any exit is prohibited by Fire Codes.  THERE SHALL BE NO USE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES IN OUR BUILDINGS OR ON OUR CHURCH PROPERTY.
    1. The throwing of rice or confetti WILL NOT be allowed inside the sanctuary, fellowship halls, nor on walks or steps.  Serious falls have resulted from happily thrown rice.  Bird seed is often used on the OUTSIDE to fulfill this tradition.  No real flower petals shall be dropped on carpet or other floors.  Ugly and unremovable stains result when real flower petals are crushed beneath guest's feet
      1. The Wedding Director (or other person appointed by the Bride) shall work in cooperation with our Church Coordinator during the wedding activities.  The Wedding Director/Bride is responsible for church properties which includes liability if damages occur.
      2. Our Fellowship Halls and Kitchens are available for receptions.  If you plan to use these facilities, please inform the Pastor who can show you or your caterer these areas.  An outside caterer is STRONGLY SUGGESTED and you are responsible for advising them that the areas must be left clean and orderly.  Tables and chairs are available - discuss with Coordinator the number you will need.  Any rented or borrowed items shall be removed PROMPTLY as we cannot store or assume responsibility for these items.
      3. In order to cover the increased cost of utilities, personnel to coordinate activities and provide clean-up, a fee schedule has been prepared (Attachment A).


Our Pastor, Music Director/Organist, Coordinator or Custodian will be happy to help you with any planning advice.  If you have further questions or are uncertain of any data contained in these Regulations, please contact our Secretary at (804) 784-5681 or