Gifts to Dover



Gifts to Dover Baptist Church can assist in our mission of spreading the word of our Lord Jesus Christ both now and into the future. Providing gifts can have a positive impact on both the lives of the giver, the Church and our community.

If you wish to make a donation to the Church by sending a check, either designating use for a specific area of interest (Building Fund, Youth Ministries, etc.) or general support, please be sure to include the P.O. Box Number as we have no mail box on the street and without the box number your gift would be returned.

The complete and correct mailing address is:

Dover Baptist Church

P.O. Box 96

Manakin-Sabot, Virginia 23103


Gift giving can take many forms and often you may wish to remember the Church at the time of your Estate Planning.  This is generally accomplished by designating Dover Baptist Church as a beneficiary in your will.  You should consult with your attorney or a qualified Estate Planner on the particulars of how to do this.

If gifting the Church with Stocks, you may wish to contact our Investment Executive, John Ackerly IV at Davenport and Company, LLC, Telephone (804) 780-2149 for details on how to best accomplish this.